The Pan European Games Information Ratings (PEGI)

The Pan European Games Information (PEGI) age rating system is a new, pan-European age rating system for interactive games. Designed to ensure that minors are not exposed to games that are unsuitable for their particular age group, the system is supported by the major console manufacturers, including PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, as well as by publishers and developers of interactive games throughout Europe. The products may be rated as follows:

PEGI 3+ The content is considered suitable for all age groups.
PEGI 7+ Children can be exposed to a little violence but this can only be to non-realistic fantasy characters. Suitable for those 7 years old and over.
PEGI 12+ Any violence may be slightly more graphic but still towards fantasy characters only. There is no violence towards human-looking characters or recognizable animals. Suitable for those 12 years old and over.
PEGI 16+ Adult behavior and violence may start to look life-like. Suitable for those 16 years old and over.
PEGI 18+ The adult classification is applied to games that are suitable only for adult players. Here the subject matter and graphical details can mirror levels of detail in the storytelling found in adult television series and movies. Suitable for those 18 years old and over.

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